Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Girl who Convinced me to Buy Barbie Leggings

It's a rare day when a juniors fast fashion brand like Wet Seal makes me REALLY happy about something. Teenager Karrie Brown has down syndrome.  In an article that you can read at, I learned that with a little help from social media, Wet Seal booked a photo shoot starring Karrie as a model.  Beyond the warm heart feels that this sort of story gives and what it says about the evolving relationship between the fashion brand and consumer, this business and marketing decision by Wet Seal was a wise one for simpler reasons.  It looks like Karrie is having a blast in those leggings.  She reminded me that fashion is silly.  And so I bought a pair of Barbie leggings, just because I wanted to remember the fun of dressing that radiates from Karrie's photos for Wet Seal. It is a few months later and I still haven't worn them out yet, but I sure had a blast having a little Clueless style wardrobe montage in my bedroom.  But I promise, they will be hitting the streets of New York soon (with me in them)!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! One way or Another

January 1st. I am wearing my Blondie pajama bottoms while watching Blondie perform on a recording of last night's countdown of the 30 greatest women in music on New Years Rockin' Eve.  Debbie Harry at 68 years old looks fantastic and is about to release Blondie's 10th album this January amidst live world tours.  While her terrible outfit can't quite compare to how gorgeous she looked in her gold swing dress (which I'm obsessed with) on American Bandstand in 1979, Debbie Harry appears to be still following her bliss, creating music.

As my parents relive their relationship history through Blondie concerts, I think about how I will benchmark my own life outside of the structure of school semesters and New Years celebrations. 2013 passed by in a blink and I fear that the older I get, the faster life will slip past.  This is the youngest I will ever be. But seeing Blondie still going encourages me that I'm not running out of time to create, to feel alive, I'm just coloring in the pages of my story and I can't worry about what the events of future chapters will look like. I resolve that One Way or Another, 2014 will be a year filled with adventures, bravery, joy, pain, love, friendship, and discovery - no matter what choices I make. I vow to try harder to live in the now, and worry less about sculpting an impossible to predict future down the road. There is so much to be done in my current life and so many memories to make today, so here's to 2014 - a new year, a new now!

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Most Uplifting Makeovers

It's always difficult for me to get back into the blogging groove when I've been away from it for awhile.  I hoard stories in a Firefox tab group that I'm dying to share with the world, yet never know where to start!  Then I saw this heartwarming and hilarious video about Cancer patients. Yup, the big C. And it's got such a refreshing twist.  I won't spoil it, but I wish ALL people would take a minute to rethink the kind of makeovers they really could use.  It's only fashion.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rick Owens - Unconventional Models - Paris

Rick Owens used members of 4 American college step teams to stomp his designs before an audience, an idea which I am 100% behind.  The clothes look cool, and the girls look powerful, confident, and amazingly talented. For bonus points, the models are NOT predominantly white - such a rarity for the runway, and a hotly contested issue this past fashion week.  I just love models who have butts and boobs and muscles and who show how clothing will look on a variety of body types instead of just one.

However, there's a very valid counterpoint that's making me reconsider how what seems like a great idea on the surface, can be sort of offensive in practice.  I was thinking about how this fashion show is making "ugly" the new pretty, or showing whats' considered "ugly" as some form of rebellion.  Really looking at the show critically, these clothes aren't fitted too well to bring out the beauty in these women, and everything about them from facial expressions to wild hair is meant to emphasize the antithesis of traditional beauty.  I just can't decide if that's in a good way or a bad way. This article states "The Owens show is less an expression that women of diverse races and body types can be beautiful, than a designer using brown bodies to present what he believes is anti-beauty to flip the fashion script. I think, this is not so much progress as business as usual." - Tamara Winfrey Harris.  What do you think?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Origami Shoes

Shoes. So essential and yet often so taken for granted.  These origami shoes are a genius answer to providing affordable footwear to those in poverty in developing countries.  There is no costly manufacturing process required, the shoes can be shipped flat to save on shipping costs, and the styles are practical AND fashionable.  Since there is already no glue involved, if the main materials were adapted, these shoes could easily be made of entirely organic and natural sources, making them a very sustainable option as well.  It's a very different approach than Tom's Shoes to combat the same challenge, proving there is more than one way to address a socio-economic and health problem. I want a pair! 

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